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What Have We Been Doing?

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What Have We Been Doing?

I’m sure you’ve seen our name and thought to yourself, “What in the world is tablet academy? Do they teach people using tablets?” – That would make sense, but it’s not really who we are. 

Tablet Academy is an organisation which focuses primarily on education, technology and the future improvement of young people in this area. We work closely with schools and young learners, teaching them how to use technology to their full potential! The young people of Clackmannanshire are extremely talented with technology to a point where none of us were at their age. They have the opportunity to be a part of the new world of technology which opens up so many wonderful paths for their futures! 

The goal of what we do is to create an amazing future for all young people, and getting them ready for the new age of the digital world.

Tablet Academy has been working with the students of Banchory primary school for the last six weeks, teaching them how to create their own google sites. The primary 5’s and 6’s have been given the project to create their new school website!! 

Teaching children can be hard because they are always talked to rather than getting to be a part of the lesson, so our amazing Tablet Academy Ambassador turned on some music and got them to watch closely and find out for themselves without being talked through it, and surprisingly the kids were way more receptive to that! 

Within only a few weeks, these children have split into teams and have been working on different pages for the website, emailing different faculty members and gathering all the information that they need. We’ve been working with them online and in person, and they have really gotten to grips with all the technology we’ve shown them! Interactive learning has been incredible to their confidence and skills, and the sites that they are producing just keep getting better. 

The school website isn’t live yet, but will be soon and you can see for yourself how amazingly hard these kids have worked.

Even the primary 7’s are in on the technology fun, creating themselves profiles on google sites to showcase who they are and what their skills are to present to the high school during their transition period. Banchory is only one of the schools that’s getting this opportunity, as we continue to grow we hope to be working in all the schools across clackmannanshire!!

Our Tablet Academy expert, Jen Ashe, has worked with all these students and cannot talk highly enough about how well the children of Banchory are doing! The skills that they are learning through this project will enable them to move on and use them during their additional learning and land them wider opportunities for jobs in the future. 

This has been a fantastic learning experience for the children and we are all so impressed by their effort, enthusiasm and end results. Well done Banchory! We can’t wait to see their finished project and to share it with all of you.

We wear our smiles with pride as we watch how the students of today grow!