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TA Education Scotland

Upcoming Events with Tablet Academy Scotland!

Tablet Academy Scotland, in partnership with Microsoft, are running a series of online events focused on developing digital skills. Join in to hear what our expert guest speakers have to say.

What are we doing?

Tablet Academy Scotland is hosting five over five – five online events over five days –  at the end of September.  With expert guest speakers, we hope to inspire and engage educators to utilise their digital skills. By attending these free events, you will be able to find new ways to improve your digital knowledge and skills. 

How to sign-up?

These events will be hosted on our Tablet Academy Scotland website, you can find the link here;  



How much are they?

Each and every one of these events is completely free of charge. All you need to do is register with your email address and you’re all set. 



When are they?

You can find each event with the time and dates below. We have five fantastic events lined up with amazing guest speakers. These dates and times will also be up on our website. Make sure to take note of these!

We hope to see you there.

  1. 20th September 5.30pm on the website, “Become inspired for the future; with Chris Rothwell.” 

  1. 21st September 5.30pm on the website, “Engage, Discuss and Discover through the ‘explore the digital future skills’ program.” 

  1. 22nd September 5.30pm on the website, “Excellence in digital education, exploring the skills that make a difference two their pupils’ digital future.” 

  1. 23rd September 5.30pm, “Microsoft Education hints and tips to engage learners and improve your colleagues.” 

  1. 24th September 5.30pm on the website, “Microsoft teams top tips to support the learning and teaching in your school.”



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