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The classroom of the future is here – and it’s a virtual reality classroom.

The classroom of the future is here – and it’s a virtual reality classroom.

ClassVR delivers virtual reality headsets to turn your classroom into a full immersion. With a headset, you can change subjects, travel through time zones, walk to the Moon and explore other planets, meet famous people from history and learn about complex languages or how to fix cars.

VR can help students learn about unfamiliar cultures and people and provide a more personalised learning experience for students with disabilities.

Over the summer of 2022. TA Scotland ran Tech Jams, where school kids came in to try the headsets and explore VR. From our offices, we managed to bring the kids across the globe, under the sea, and even out of this world. It allows them to present lessons from different perspectives and gives their students an interactive way to explore concepts like anatomy or geography. VR can also create simulated environments where students can practice things like public speaking or performing surgery.

The possibilities of education from VR are endless. 

In the classroom, VR offers several benefits

  • Improves memory and retention of knowledge 
  • Engages students in the classroom by boosting excitement and motivation 
  • Enhances the learning process 
  • Ensures that students are paying attention to the lesson 
  • It gives every student access to new opportunities 
  • Your students learn concepts that are complex and conceptually challenging  
  • Your students gain a better understanding and awareness of emotional intelligence 
  • Enhances your student’s ability to communicate and collaborate  

If you want to bring VR to your classroom, school or organisation, give us a shout. 

TAS are approved stockists of ClassVR headsets and not only supply but we provide training and class workshops to ensure you get the most out of the devices.