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Scotland’s Learn With Google Programme

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Scotland’s Learn With Google Programme

Cohort 2 of Scotland’s Learn With Google Programme will soon be underway, but there’s still time to get involved!


Join us as we give you everything that you could possibly need to feel more confident using the Google tools ahead of the 1-1 device rollout across Scotland. We’ll even give you a fully funded exam voucher to become a Google Certified Educator. Live sessions and online support kicks off on the 14th of September – but you can register anytime up to the 30th of November 2022 and gain access to the support hub, exam vouchers and Workspace Skills. 


The programme combines live lessons with an online support hub full of useful information to give you the confidence to plan digital lessons.


Our live sessions kick off this week, but if you miss them, that’s okay. You can still join the programme and stream the lessons in your own time. Regardless, you’ll be given access to our online support hub, which you can refer to when lesson planning.


Scotland’s Learn with Google Programme is for anyone who:

  • wants to learn the basics of Google Workspace
  • wants to start their journey to become a Google Certified Coach, Innovator or Trainer
  • is looking for CPD opportunities
  • is looking to develop their knowledge skills and join a community of educators who have similar interests
  • wants to support their team from a Digital Leader or management role
  • lack’s confidence when using digital tools in the classroom

Why should I become a Google Certified Educator?

As a Google Certified Educator, you will hone your Google skills and transform your learning and teaching using Google tools. You’ll learn to use Google Workspace for Education products to make your classrooms more efficient and improve student outcomes. As a member of this programme, you’ll stand out as a teacher dedicated to your craft. You;ll also have lifetime access to a support hub of information that you can refer back to when planning digital lessons.


How does it work?

You’ll be given a Google Classroom and access to the live streams, presentations, checklists of skills, gifs, tailored support, and free access to the fantastic practice examples courtesy of Canopy’s Workspace Skills. Don’t worry if you’re signing up after the programme has started. You can catch up with the live streams in your own time.


Cohort 2 Key dates:

Launch Event

  • Wednesday 14th September


Google for Education

Google Certified Educator Level 1


  • Wednesday 21st September, 8 pm
  • Wednesday 28th September, 8 pm
  • Wednesday 5th October, 8 pm


Google Certified Educator Level 2

  • Wednesday 2nd November, 8 pm
  • Wednesday 9th November, 8 pm
  • Wednesday 16th November, 8 pm


Celebration Event

Wednesday 30th November

Remember, if you’ve missed the live lessons, that’s okay! You can catch up on demand and still have full access to our support hub. We had lots of fantastic feedback regarding the first cohort for Scotland’s Learn With Google Programme. You’ll enjoy participating and becoming a Google Certified Educator. Everything is fully-funded, and the only thing you’ll need is a Gmail account to join!


Click here to register for Cohort 2 and join us on the programme. Alternatively, visit


We look forward to meeting you in the Google Classroom!