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School’s growth with technology and its benefits to young people from a young person’s pov

Robot office manager, retro style workplace. Old table with vintage computer, desk lamp and books.

School’s growth with technology and its benefits to young people from a young person’s pov

Think back to when you were at school, maybe it was the 80s? All you had was a simple shared television and a really simple light projector. It’s weird to think that was forty years ago.

If you were born in the 90s like me, you were probably in school when the simple projectors were replaced by smart whiteboards with overhead projectors and the tv’s were taken out of the stone age. I was in Primary six when this change occurred and I remember how in awe we were of this technology.


Our IT sessions in Primary school were learning how to type properly, how to create little spreadsheets and check emails. You know, the essential learning for every nine year old. 


I went back to that school recently and I saw the technology had changed like you wouldn’t believe. Our magical IT suite with twenty box pcs had been redesigned into a room with thirty chromebooks, one for each student. Each kid sat at a desk with their own touch screen laptop with their own headphones, working hard on creating their own google websites.  Okay so they weren’t Zuckerberg, but they were doing way more than I was able to do at that age. I am twenty four and just learning how to use Google sites. Imagine the amazing things these kids could be doing in the future.


And technology will only be getting better with time. It seems like every year something comes out that pushes the boundaries of technology as we know it. Phones that the screen never stops, everything is touch, you can check your social media from your watch! If in just forty years we can go from one shared box tv to every kid having a touch screen laptop imagine where we can go in fifty years? ]

What do you think will be the technology trends in schools in the next few years? VR? AI?