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TA Education Scotland

The TA Microsoft Incubator Showcase Schools Programme

Microsoft Showcase Schools form a global community of pioneering schools offering their students inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning and instil future-ready skills to empower students to achieve more. For schools looking to become a Showcase School, they must first join the Showcase School Incubator Programme. The Incubator programme is designed to help support your school on your digital transformation journey, and this is where you can now access free support from the team of edtech specialists at Tablet Academy (TA).

Free Support

The Microsoft Incubator to Showcase Programme is a supportive community of like-minded school leaders, experts and educators, but if you sign up with TA, you’ll gain access to ongoing free support to help you achieve your Showcase School status.

The TA Microsoft Incubator Showcase Schools Programme

By joining the TA cohort of Incubator Schools, you will be supported in meeting the quantitative and qualitative targets required for graduating as a Showcase School, whether you are aiming to graduate in July 2022 or the following year. 

The programme includes direct 1:1 support from our team plus a series of webinars and workshops for school leaders and educators, such as: 

  • The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework (ETF) for school leaders.  
  • Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) for teachers. 
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert programme (MIEE) for digital leaders. 
  • Certifying educators as Microsoft Innovative Educators (c-MIE). 

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Unfortunately, due to funding restrictions, this offer is only open to schools in the UK. If you are a school outside the UK, please still apply and we will enquire of support funding for you.