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Google for education funded webinars

Google for education funded webinars

Google for Education funded 3 webinars for Scotland focussed around transformative change using Google tools and Chromebooks. You can catch up on all webinars on demand: we’ll give you an outline of what to expect below.

1. Feedback and assessment with Google for Education in Scotland

Catch up as we give you a hands-on opportunity to explore formative and summative feedback in the Scottish classroom.


The session covers the student & teachers perspective on:

  1. Rubrics in Google classroom for assessment criteria
  2. Automated feedback in forms
  3. Using audio and written comments for feedback
  4. Screencastify video feedback 


We’ll take you through an assessment journey, discovering comments, rubrics linking to success criteria, quiz assessments, and extensions that enhance the feedback experience. You’ll be given access to resources you can use to put your learning into practice in the classroom.

Watch the session here


2. Education with Google products – the art of what’s possible for Scotland

Catch up as we dive into the art of using Google Workspace within your Scottish classroom and school.


In the session you’ll explore a creative project using Google Sites following these steps:

  1. Google Arts & Culture overview
  2. Creating your site 
  3. Themes & customisation 


Discover the impressive ways that creative educators are using Google tools to engage students with current tips, tricks and tools; tools that support socially relevant learning; and prepare students for the future of education.

Join in on the session here 


3. Devices for transformation – making the most of Chromebooks

Catch up as we bring the most used device globally in education into your hands. Together, we’ll take you on the hands-on experience that hundreds of educators across Scotland have loved this year!


The session is led by our accessibility specialist Niall and will cover:

  1. Chromebook accessibility tools 
  2. Mote
  3. Google experiments
  4. Soundtrap
  5. Canva video


This hands-on experiential session will showcase the accessibility features, sustainability information, and offer a creative experience with information on audio and video creation.

Join in here 


Don’t miss out on these Google for Education funded webinars designed just for Scotland focussed around transformative change using Google tools and Chromebooks.