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Could your school become a Microsoft Showcase School?

Could your school become a Microsoft Showcase School?

TA Scotland are running Microsoft’s Incubator Programme and your school could become Scotland’s next Showcase School. Our digital transformation specialist Niall is looking for more schools to participate in this cohort of our incubator programme. Working with TA Scotland to achieve Incubator status gives you support and guidance throughout the process which will make the journey to becoming a Showcase School much quicker and more streamlined for your school to manage. 


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What is the Incubator Programme?

We’re taking ten Scottish schools on their journey to become a Microsoft Showcase School. We’ll mentor ten schools for the next nine months as they work towards becoming a graduate of the programme by June 2023 or 2024, when they’ll have the opportunity to graduate to Showcase School status.


What does the support from TA Scotland look like?

Niall will host live streamed sessions with schools on our Incubator programme to guide them through their Incubator journey. We’ll give incubator schools actionable steps to take that’ll move them towards showcase status. We’ll also visit each school in-person at the start of the programme and again at the end.


What is a Microsoft Showcase School?

We’ll give you a full rundown of what it means to become a Showcase School during the programme. Showcase Schools create student-centred, immersive, and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating development of essential future-ready skills so students can achieve more.


The Microsoft Showcase Schools Program is an opportunity to engage with Microsoft and like-minded school leaders around the world to deepen and expand education transformation using the Education Transformation Framework.


Sound like a good fit for your school?


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