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Adobe Express for Education is coming to Scotland!

Adobe Express for Education is coming to Scotland!

Adobe Express for Education is coming to Scotland! This means that educators across Scotland will be able to create their own free educators account. Adobe Express gives teachers and students everything they need to confidently create standout graphics, photos, presentations, web pages, and videos — and express themselves in unique and creative ways both inside and outside the classroom. 


Find out how you can do more with creativity when using 1-1 devices in your lessons.


We’re offering schools free support to use Adobe Express

TA Scotland is offering primary and secondary schools free support using Adobe Express. We’re running Adobe Express Creativity Days that are suitable for staff and students. The creativity days consist of workshops that will take place throughout the school day, where our TA educators come in and deliver Adobe workshops to your class. 


We’ve taken time to align these to the curriculum, so they’re based on lessons you’d be teaching anyway! From creative CV workshops for S4-6 to literacy workshops for younger students, we’ve got activities for the whole school. When we’re going from class to class igniting the creativity in your students, you’ll be picking up on useful tips to use in your own digital lessons.


Find out how the Adobe Express features make using digital technology for creativity in the classroom easy

Adobe Express comes with built- in templates, fonts, music and photos to instantly design and build with confidence. This means that you don’t need to have advanced design skills to use the platform with your class, and its usage isn’t limited to art and design. For example, Adobe Express could be used in PSE to create informational resources around drugs and alcohol. This is one of the workshop themes for our creativity days!

You’ll have access to teacher resources aligned to the Scottish curriculum and current affairs. Regular challenges, activities and competitions to inspire and engage students.

Students can search for images and videos safely within the Adobe Express for Education Apps to adhere to UK Child Safety standards.

Do you use Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams? Adobe Express effortlessly integrates with both platforms making it a seamless addition to your existing digital learning resources.

Become an Adobe Creative Educator

Become an Adobe Creative Educator to earn badges, learn new skills and get recognised for creativity in your own classroom. In this community program you will receive curated professional development materials, information about virtual and in-person events, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded educators from around the world. To recognise your professional development you’ll earn badges for completing each level of the Adobe Creative Educator program.

What are you waiting for? It's time to unleash the creativity of all learners.