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TA Education Scotland

360 Tours

Show off your school

What's a 360?

A 360 tour can provide a virtual walkthrough of your school. 

In order for the images to be completed properly the camera will be placed on a tri-pod in the middle of the designated location, then everyone in close vicinity will have to move out the room so that only the room is photographed. 

Immersive viewing

Having a 360 tour allows for the user to have a complete view of the area by just moving their mouse or by using their finger.


This all allows for fully immersive viewing and to get a real knowledge of the space.

Ease the nerves

A 360 tour can help parents see where their kids are going to be working and playing, which can help ease their nerves.


The tour can also help showcase the layout of the school, and any attractive features.

Could a 360 be for you?


Check out this 360 tour of a school below